A 19-year-old from Ireland offering his musings on fashion resulted in the creation of Sanguine Style. In-depth analyses and dissections of menswear and womenswear collections, examining the intersection between fashion, politics and culture. With honest opinions in every post, the unfiltered, candid voice here can be described as a refreshing take on fashion writing.


When did you start this blog?
I started this blog in September 2013. After two years at a red carpet fashion blog, I started this blog as a new platform to express my opinions primarily on runway shows.

Why did you start this blog?
I started Sanguine Style as a means of expressing my thoughts on the fashion industry. I enjoy comprehensive takes on shows as opposed to the snappy 100-word world of social media. My critiques can be published days, weeks or months after the shows which can facilitate both reactionary or more considered pieces.

Where are you from?
I was born and live in Cork, Ireland. The second-largest county isn’t steeped in fashion history but notable fashion denizens include Samantha Barry (US editor-in-chief, Glamour magazine) and Shelly Corkery (fashion director, Brown Thomas).

Do you use social media?
Sanguine Style can be found on both Twitter and Instagram, under the handle ‘@sanguinestyle’.

Where do you get your pictures from?
The majority of the images on this blog are from Vogue Runway, but in the ones marked with ‘all images are my own’ are taken on a Canon EOS 1200D (as of February 2016). Previously, I used a Fuji-film SL300.

Who are your favourite designers?
My favourite womenswear designers are John Galliano, Nicolas Ghesquière (the Balenciaga era), the late Alexander McQueen. As for emerging talents, I’m excited by Faustine Steinmetz and Marine Serre. For menswear, my favourites include Raf Simons and Christopher Ræburn.

Who are your favourite writers?
I’ve always been a fan of Tim Blanks, his reviews for the now-defunct Style.com were my introduction to fashion criticism. Cathy Horyn, Robin Givhan and Vanessa Friedman are, undoubtedly, brilliant too. Matthew Schneier’s perspective is always a humorous take on the po-faced world of fashion. Susie Lau also has an engaging voice, a writer I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of times over the years.

Do you go to fashion month?
I have been attending London Fashion Week since February 2013. February 2018 was my eleventh time attending.

Best fashion moment?
Mary Katrantzou’s fall 2016 show; getting a photo with Bella Hadid at the beginning of her meteoric rise; meeting Anna Wintour at the Tate Modern before the Christopher Kane show in September 2017; seeing Irish designers continually prosper.


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