Tuesday, April 26, 2016

REIN London // Fall 2016 //

Dashing back and forth between show venues and the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms on day 1 and 2 of London Fashion Week was fun, to say the least. I became quite accustomed to the area—exiting Tottenham Court Road tube station, up Denmark Street, a swift left, arrival at the destination. On my way, I whipped out my phone to photograph a new building structure, the multicoloured Google office and the foyer of the offices for my personal Instagram, for this blog's Instagram and Snapchat. This was before snapping happily at each presentation and show over the weekend. On Friday evening, REIN London were guest presenters at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. Their interactive presentation was the most effective, jarring and eyeopening one I saw that weekend. 

Models circled the hardwood floors, a smartphone in hand, photographing guests photographing them. How meta? The idea was to turn the mirror on society (specifically, fashion show goers) and highlight their overuse of social media. Hauntingly, they walked extremely close to audience members and stared intently at the person behind the phone, thus ruining their picture. I even watched one model approach a woman saying “you need to eat something.” Slightly controversial, but designed to depict the vicious comment sections on social media. 
With a highly interesting, amusing interactive presentation, did the clothes live up? Yes, and no. On one hand, they were well made and evoked the theme. Geometric details trapped inside tonal panelling, symbolising humanities preoccupation, undying obsession and entrapment by social media. Like social media, they functioned smoothly. There was an oomph lacking in many of the pieces. Also, to their discredit, the presentation outshone the clothes. It was suitable for an art festival, and I’m sure it would be as lauded there. The audience were enthralled.  

In my earlier years of fashion blogging, I applauded social media moments. As I’ve matured, so have my tastes and expectations. I’m largely disinterested by them, and I attempt to solely focus on the clothing. I couldn’t help but offer my two cents on this brilliant presentation. As aforementioned, it’s fit for an art fair; the clothes, however, need some tweaking, but soon they’ll follow. No pun intended.
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