Saturday, January 9, 2016

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What I’m Reading:

Lauren Sherman’s Newsletter -
Lauren Sherman sent out her yearly round-up newsletter last weekend. The newsletter contained some of the articles she wrote this year as well as some of the ones that she read. I’d highly recommend you to sign up to receive this newsletter.

Thank You and Goodbye -
Catherine Kallon of Red Carpet Fashion Awards inspired to me to start a blog at age 12 in 2011. She blogged about red carpet fashion and I thought I could do that too. Thus began my blogging career. Five years later I have a new blog, and my passion for blogging hasn’t diminished—it has only gotten stronger. I was shocked by Catherine’s announcement. I wish her all the best in the future. 

The Circle by Dave Eggers
Truthfully I haven’t read a book in some time, the last being Of Mice and Men. But for 2016 my goal is to read 30 books and The Circle was my first. The book follows Mae Holland, a recent hire to internet company the Circle. At first everything appears as innocent, but as the story progresses a sinister element to the company reveals itself. The writing was immersive, and I felt almost claustrophobic with the overwhelming expectations the Circle places on their employees. The main character became a wholly unlikable entity; I’m interested to see how she’ll be portrayed by Emma Watson in the film adaptation. 

What I’m Listening To:

Caracal by Disclosure
This electronic music duo released their newest album late last year and recently I’ve been revisiting it. It has some of the strongest tracks on it. Featuring artists such as Lorde and Miguel, the album also shines the light on upcoming artists like NAO and LION BABE. 

What I’m Watching:

Last weekend I rewatched Amy Schumer’s surprise summer blockbuster, Trainwreck. As anticipated, I enjoyed the film thoroughly the second time around. 

Unseen McQueen: Interview: Trino Verkade -
Alexander McQueen has forever been my favourite designer. He was a genius. The label under Sarah Burton still bears a magical flame. This interview with Trino Verkade who spent 18 years at the brand working in various roles, notably in PR. The video is highly interested, and the interview is conducted by Lou Stoppard. 


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