Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gucci // Pre-Fall 2016 //

A thunderous applause is in order for Alexander Michele. Plucked from the depths of anonymity, the Italian designer transformed the dull and lifeless house of Gucci into a unique creative outlet, and also a powerful business unit. In what was a brilliant year for Michele, he closed it out with another searing collection, overflowing with decoration and splendour. 

There was an 18th century and 70’s fantasia at play in the collection. A raspberry gown, with an empire waist and a tiered skirt, was accessorised with pendants, hairpieces and an obnoxious amount of rings. Contrasting to the 18th century ball gown, the 70’s hit the collection. One of the models wore a plaid shirt, a pale blue camisole with silk accents and flared, ankle-grazing trousers with floral patchwork. Ensuring the decoration was at a maximum, an ample amount of accessories were styled with the look; there was a ladybird brooch, rings, gold fingerless gloves, new season eye wear and button-accented slip-ons. The two epochs go brilliantly hand in hand, black leather jackets with ruffled shoulders and a knife-pleated A-line skirt, paired with gold, below-the-knee high thick-soled boots. 

Next season’s statement piece derives from this collection. A feline emblazons a pink and black striped wool sweater. L’aveugle par amour it read. Blind love. It wouldn’t be a Michele collection if it didn’t reference love, through a whimsical, eccentric lens. 
Artist Ari Marcopoulos was tasked with the photography of the collection. The result was splendid. With a slightly aged tinge on the photographs, they perfectly captured the spirit of the collection. Shot in a Pompeiian-inspired apartment, Peyton Knight, Vera van Erp, Polina Oganicheva and Nicole Atieno modelled the collection. A pale ruby frame encased the photos. 

With 78 looks available in this collection, buyers will have ample opportunity to present their customers with hundreds of clothing options for the latter half of the year. That’s the commercial beauty of Michele’s collections. The showroom was a trove of fabulous clothes, but there is also a lavish display of accessories. 

Six collections in and I have no qualms about Michele’s appointment. His work ethic is estimable; need I remind you he put together his first two collections in a mere few weeks. His talent is also unquestionable, the label is reaping the rewards of his success. The industry is abuzz with discussion of a brand that no longer ranked a few years ago. Now, Gucci is the hottest ticket, and the most anticipated show of the season. 2016 will be a great year for him. He is on a steep, upward trajectory.

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