Monday, December 21, 2015

Monse // Spring 2016 //

Oscar de la Renta’s label is one of New York’s most respected. After his passing last year, Peter Copping came from Paris to keep the torch lighting. The studio director who was responsible for presenting Oscar's last collection, posthumously, was Laura Kim. This year Kim, and her design partner—and fiancé—founded Monse. Monse is a self-described “fresh take on modern ready-to-wear. Inspired by strong women who dare to express themselves and also appreciate the unexpected.” I don’t think I’ve come across a statement as apt as that on fashion before. They presented their Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week in September. 

Making a classic shirt fun and sexy, the duo transformed one into a mini dress. The off-the-shoulder piece featured interlocked sleeves, tying the dress together. A gown, in classic fabrics, featured the sleeves of a shirt. A fabulously reconstructed black and white shirt was fashioned into a Victorian-inspired dress with graceful folds. A raspberry shirt was haphazardly worn, draped awkwardly across the model’s body. An electric blue shirt and skirt, was misshapen but architecturally structured. These are the structural and easy pieces that Monse are creating with finesse. 

Infusing their time at Oscar de la Renta, an ivory and black, duchesse satin gown took to the runway. A lustrous silver dress, wrapped tied at the centre was another piece that imbued a sense of Oscar. A dress with a richly embellished silver bodice and a cotton skirt with shirt buttons was another dramatic piece that Oscar could’ve easily inspired. 
There was an air of boudoir dressing in the collection. Silk, silver pyjamas with a robe tied at the waist was the first taste. The following look, a black off-the-shoulder look was as if the model had draped the bed covers over her body. The same could said for a black mini dress with a pillow-esqe accent at the back. 

Fashion maverick Sarah Jessica Parker has worn the brand in the past. Amal Clooney, Selena Gomez and Jaime King have all been pictured in the brand’s clothes. All four women have something in common: they’re all risk-takers. Risk-takers, that’s who this brand appeals to. All those that have worn the brand have an affinity for things out of the ordinary. Lady Gaga, Sienna Miller and Allison Williams are also championing the label, effortlessly oozing glamour with a Monse piece. They are the strong women who are daring to express themselves.

It’s no secret that I love upcoming designers. My interest in Monse is different to most. With new labels, I ask myself whether they’ll stand the test of time. I believe, with the experience that these two designers have and a trend-defying ethos, this label is still going to be here in years to come. With a Spring collection has captivating as this, they could go down in history. 

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