Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Marco de Vincenzo // Spring 2016 //

The Business of Fashion posted an article in late September titled “Is Milan Fashion Week Back?” The vitality of the week is constantly questioned. Personally, I begin to tune out during Milan. Gucci and Prada attain my attention; Michele and Prada are just two geniuses that are flourishing in the city. Alessandro Michele’s Gucci reformation was mentioned and commended by most of the editors and buyers enlisted to comment on the piece. The light also shone on a designer on the rise: Marco de Vincenzo. de Vincenzo is one of the few names that lights up the Milan Fashion Week schedule each season. His collections contain a gleaming sublimity that many other young designers have to match in the city. 

For Spring 2016, de Vincenzo tapped into Orientalism, specifically Japonism. The Land of the Rising Sun, as it is popularly known as, had their flag represented in the collection. The red disc emblazoned one tie-dye sweater and a nude blouse. An erupting Mount Fuji plumed smoke into blackness on a black, white and red tie-dye shirt. Woven sandals were also presented

Beyoncé wore a rainbow lurex dress from the last collection. Always one for a showstopper, de Vincenzo pulled out the stops and offered a multicoloured chiffon fringe coat. If that doesn’t satisfy, there was a funnel collar floral printed jacket and a strapless accordion dress. I’m predicting to see some of the fashion crowd decked out in them in Phil Oh-lensed street-style snaps next season.

The sugary confections in this collection weren’t sickly sweet. The candy colours never strayed too far into that territory. The geometric and floral print accordion skirt was lovely. The overlapping-collar blouse in an array of pastels reminded me of the intertwining marshmallows was quirky and fun. The degradé chiffon fringe vest was another one for the sweet-toothed. 

There is something simply virtuosic about de Vincenzo. It is displayed that he possesses a wealth of talent; he has mastered producing commercial collections but with an abundance of artistic flair. If you too find yourself uninterested in Milan, pay close attention to Marco de Vincenzo.  

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