Friday, December 4, 2015

Dazed Winter 2015 // Magazines //

Dazed is one of the many magazines I purchase religiously. Their winter 2015 issue was announced last week and the cover stars are quite exciting. 

Forever the model of the moment, Julia Nobis and her timelessness grace one cover photographed by the brilliant Collier Schorr. With a backward cap, this is the cover I’m hoping to get. Also wearing a backward cap and lensed by Schorr is Rianne von Rompaey. Green eyes and freckles taking centre stage, I can imagine the Dutch model reading the tagline blankly, “do you believe in magic?”.

Confirming that the 'famous-daughter’ trend is alive and well, Coco Gordon Moore (offspring of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore), is photographed in black and white by Collier Schorr. Her first in-depth interview, “the daughter of Kim and Thurston talks making art, growing up with alt-rock royalty and why she has no interest in playing the fame game.” Oh, it all sounds so stereotypical. 

Completing the foursome is singer Tinashe, photographed by Sean and Seng. Hazardously flicking a lighter on her tongue—it’s photoshopped, I think…—the singer wears cherry earrings and a green jacket. One of my favourite alternative R&B artists, I’m excited to read her interview. 

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