Monday, November 9, 2015

Tod's // Spring 2016 //

I didn't have many expectations from luxury goods brand Tod’s before. Their clothing division, helmed by Alessandra Facchinetti, produces the same ol’ rich lady garb that we’ve seen time and time again on the runway. Posh women are very easy to please. Spring 2016 shifted that perspective. Facchinetti attempted to jettison that with this rule-breaking, groundbreaking collection. Who knew that Tod’s could create the globetrotting rock goddess in a mere season. 
Black and white striped trousers, cinched at the waist by a silver-accented belt, had a laser-cut leather pocket. The leather top it was paired with completed the monochromatic daydream. The tuxedo jumpsuit that followed featured colourful floral embroideries. The models tattoo on her chest was visible. A sharply cut leather jacket with an intriguing print is perfect for a rock chick. Summer gigs means summer outfits. A pale pea-green suit and low-cut printed top. Striped, floral-embroidered shorts. A tracksuit-esqe, floral printed jumpsuit. The silver trousers were perhaps one of the best items in the collection. 

The models hair was kept natural. There were natural waves, messy ponytails, buzz cuts, unkempt bangs, and a few rockabilly quiffs for good measure. The hair, masterfully styled, strengthened the tough girl air. Heavy under-eye make-up instilled an air of experimentalism. The same effect loomed over the collection. This foray into the own on Facchinetti’s part is brave. I don’t see many pieces in this collection appealing to the existing customer. I do believe it will draw new interest to the brand which falls to the wayside seasonally. 

This was a bold statement. This is not the Tod’s presentation people expected to see at Milan Fashion Week. There was still a conservative approach to most pieces. The hair and make-up brilliantly masqueraded this mostly safe, rocker-inspired collection. Hopefully this isn’t like a concert: a concert finishes. I don’t want this to end. 

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