Friday, October 2, 2015

Georgia Hardinge // Spring 2016 //

 I’m one of those people that reads their horoscopes religiously. Susan Miller, the one’s on various social media sites; I’m eager to know what my zodiac sign, Taurus, has in store for me. I also take pleasure in reading about astrology and the twelve signs, about their ruling planets, their positive and negative traits. Designer Georgia Hardinge looked to the elements of the zodiac for her Spring 2016 collection, specifically Scorpio, Cancer and Gemini. They’re symbols, a scorpion, a crab and (an interpretation) of the twins, were laser cut into the look, inspired by old Japanese stencilling. The aim was to create texture and shadows. 

Showing in the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, as a part of The Wolves ‘Painting Rooms Presentations,’ Hardinge filled her  catwalks with white post it notes being blown by fans, lining the side of the walk. It was designed by Hardinge, in collaboration with London-based filmmaker and visual artist Claudio Giambusso—who helped bring the interactive installation to life.

The first look was a white top with architectural folds, casting shadows as desired, and with a scorpion stencilled out (made by Sarah Gibson). The skirt also feature intricate laser-cut detailing and it’s marigold hue was given a 3-D enhancement with micro-pleats. One white dress with a pleated skirt had a triangular panel of a dusty beige shade, and a detailed stencil on the pleated skirt. A vibrant red dress burst with an asymmetrical set of pleats from one side. The pleats in this collection were used as Hardinge has a passion for architectural shapes and sculpture. In conjunction with a pleat specialist (it’s a thing), pleating techniques developed from paper sculptures were established, using Hardinge’s “signature” look.

The clothes were gorgeous and bright without being too flashy. The inspiration was interpreted literally with crabs and scorpions lines extracted from pieces. Everything was beautiful and even with the intricate details, they were simple, graceful and elegant.

The collection was a number of things. It possessed traits of Scorpio: its focus and intuitiveness, Cancer in its practicality and Gemini in its versatility. Hardinge harnessed the traits of all three of the elements and manufactured a splendid collection with each of their positive attributes. 
All photos are my own

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