Thursday, October 29, 2015

Céline // Spring 2016 //

Whether it was singer Lorde in a dressing room selfie, actress Emma Roberts in the Marlene Marino-lensed pages of Wonderland magazine, or editors on the streets during fashion month, it’s universally known that everyone that wears a backless Céline dress from the Fall 2015 collection will look good. Phoebe Philo’s fall 2015 collection was one of her strongest at the house. It was progressive, unique, exciting. Spring 2016 conjured a prickly conundrum. It wasn’t enjoyable, in the slightest and it didn’t scream Céline at me. Céline is discreet in its presentation. There are no bells and whistles. You get what you’ve come there for: fashion. 

The set was designed by Danish installation artist FOS, who collaborates with Philo on the Céline stores worldwide. Bright tent sheaths were dangling around the venue, sand scattered across the floor. It was a festival ground, except much more glamourous than the muddy fields of Glastonbury; it was more like a utopian version of Coachella. 

The opening look was a stark contrast to the serene opener of last season. The ivory sheath dress had black lace-trim which gave the look a sexy flair. I would’ve liked this look had the make-up and hair not been as harsh and severe as it was. The following look with white lace and a black body was dreadful. Look 4, paired with ghastly red flats, was another horrible piece. 
I can see women investing in the precisely tailored trousers and jackets from the collection. One brown shirt with open-buttoned sleeves would be a perfect wardrobe staple. The Prince of Wales check coat was lovely and a perfect summer coat. The crop-top underneath would appeal to a younger woman, like the aforementioned Lorde or Emma Roberts. 

I can count few looks which I liked wholly in this collection. There was a squiggle print coat with black lace peeping out at the end. The black fitted coat with gold hardware and white lace details was simply divine. The boots with a lick of red were also beautiful and suited to the look. Finally, the burnt-orange dress with a pleated skirt was beautiful. The same boots in the look I mentioned previously toughened up the dress in this look also. Those three pieces are the ones that I can see people buying, selling and wearing the most. 

Disliking, passionately, a Céline collection must be considered treasonous by many people. Phoebe Philo is one of the most talented designers in the industry; a woman who I have a massive amount of respect for. However, this collection wasn’t intriguing. Frankly, it was a head-scratcher. 
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