Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Simone Rocha // Spring 2016 //

Simone Rocha held her show at Lancaster House. The former royal residence has opulent high ceilings, detailed, patterned carpet and gun-wielding guards positioned outside. Show goers were greeted both by the PR at the door and guards. Those show goers included fashion's elite: Tim Blanks, Sarah Mower, Justin O'Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner, Leandra Medine, Imran Ahmed, and more. Rocha has this magnetic energy that draws these crowds-all to see her charming designs with a romantic edge. As the guests emerged from the show, I heard people paying compliments. "It was like a fairytale," one chimed. It was. Simone Rocha is great at whisking us away for ten minutes, to a romantic destination where clouds of organza, chiffon and intricate macram√© are social norms. 
Photo Credit: voguerunway.com

Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki's bondage work inspired Rocha. The shoes: criss-cross leather lace-ups, were a great reference of his work. Also, the crossbody macram√© worn with some of the looks alluded to his work. Cinching bands, and leather straps adorned the clothes too. The colours of Japan were another source of inspiration for Rocha. The designer paid a visit to the country recently. Cherry blossom pinks were shown, and the sakura was also printed on the floaty chiffon dresses. Rocha’s pregnancy resulted in Kyoto’s colours being intensified. This homage to Japan’s 8th largest city. What was most exciting and refreshing was that she didn't interpret Japan in the literal sense. The overdone geisha girl didn’t appear; the prints weren’t done in a typical way. It the signature Simone Rocha shapes, with a few new shapes. Sleeves were billowy. There were large should accents. 

More print was used this season. Worn with a mesh top, a verdant image was digitally printed on a floaty skirt. A dress with a flouncy skirt had the print asymmetrically printed on the bodice. The aforementioned sakura adorned dresses. A red 2-D print also appeared and was complemented by the 3-D cherry blossoms haphazardly placed. 

It was fitting that these pieces were shown in a royal premise considering how regal the clothes were. Hedwig Palm’s crisp white dress with it’s delicate embellishment, and longer hemline in the back oozed a sophisticated sensuality. The silver lace-ups and handbag paired with the look gave this look the Rocha flair. 

I’ve been mesmerised by this collection since it was presented on Saturday. The endearing display has been lingering in my mind. It was beautiful, it was pretty, it was perfect. It was Simone Rocha’s best collection to date.

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