Friday, September 18, 2015

Rodarte // Spring 2016 //

I’m not attending New York Fashion Week so I use Twitter to get information about the shows. The Rodarte sisters, Laura and Kate Mulleavy, had their show on Tuesday morning and I was frantically checking Twitter. Stevie Nicks, glam rock were words I saw used to describe the collection. Stemming from the late-1970’s and the 80’s, the girls were inspired by an epoch where anything slinky, shiny and sexy was welcome. Individuality shone, and a personality was all in their clothes. That was also the case for this show. 

Opening with a blue-grey shimmering blazer and trousers combo, and with a buttoned down blouse, and scarf, you’d be forgiven for thinking you stumbled into a concert in the late 70’s. The model was, in fact, storming towards the photographers and not a microphone. That’s the Rodarte charm: it can transport you to a world entirely different from our own. Underwater with mermaids or aboard a galactic super-weapon from Star Wars. A concert in the ’70’s, perhaps in Vegas, is much more grounded (literally).

An Almost Famous redux came in the form of an ostentatious, lustrous silver tuxedo belted at the waist with lilac, fur sleeves. Firmly fastened around the neck was a billowy scarf in rich hues of charcoal and deep berry. Also stepping out of the decade was a gothic black mini dress with sequins, styled with a matching blazer, The floral-patterned lace tights gave the look that extra rock chick flair. It’s white counterpart featured a fur jacket and sequinned scarf. 

As per usual, I have to dedicate a paragraph of the review to the finale gowns. Rodarte always delivers gorgeous gowns. The three presented this season were no exception and they all stunned me. Angelically, the model glided down the runway in swathes of white lace, nude chiffon with shimmering rose-gold embroidery and black chiffon with branch motifs. A model donning a black lace gown followed, festooned with white leaves. The glittering headpieces pinned in her hair gave the impression of a crown. I genuflect for the Rodarte queen. Closing out the show was a white lace gown with a scalloped plunging neckline. Dripping with black lace, the white was given a dark edginess. Naturally. 

As I’ve said previously, New York isn’t that inspiring this season and lacks the joie de vivre I associated with the week in February. I can place my trust in Laura and Kate Mulleavy to present a Rodarte show that is sure to be to my liking. This grandiose display of glamour was delightful. 

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