Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bora Aksu // Spring 2016 //

When it was announced that London Fashion Week would be moving to Brewer Street Car Park, in the heart of Soho, I was skeptical. How could you move the venue from the neoclassical grandeur of Somerset House on the Strand to a car park in the infamous Soho, with its sex shops and eclectic nightlife. Arriving on Friday afternoon for the Bora Aksu show, I was utterly disappointed when the heavens opened. Cue a ten minute torrential downpour soaking everyone in the standing queue, including myself. There was enough space and umbrellas to go around to shelter the guests, but of course this wasn’t the case. Dampening the mood, literally, the Bora Aksu collection certainly cast me out of the curse-riddled mood I was in previously. 
“In the golden hour, after sunrise or before sunset, when the world is at its most beautiful.” You have to love the show notes at a Bora Aksu show for giving you quotes like that one. Like the golden hour, this collection was beautiful. Inspired by hazy, endless summers spent in the blistering heat of Izmir, the collection featured bright colours of fuchsia, orange, powder pink, white and “egg" yellow. Definitely his most directional offering, the 31-piece collection was filled with gems. The study in colour this season was inspired by amateur photographer Etheldreda Laing. Her vivid colour photography from the early 20th century of her daughters in their garden led to the creation of Aksu’s eyeleted fantasies. 

The shoes this season piqued my interest as the models pounded the catwalk. Flats. I can’t recall seeing flats in a Bora Aksu collection before. The lace-up sandals featured garden illustrations, created in collaboration with Turkish footwear brand, HotiƧ. Intricate floral tattoos on models hands and foreheads were made by Face Lace.

This bright display of summery colours and intricate details is Aksu’s niche. However, the clouds layered silk tulle, organza were far more inspiring than in seasons past. That’s not to put those down, I enjoyed them, but this collection was more exciting, directional and has you begging for the heat of summer, where time seems to reach a languorous standstill. 
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