Monday, August 10, 2015

Prada // Fall 2015 //

Each season magazines are overpopulated with the same labels on their covers. The instantly recognisable collections will be all over newsstands from July until December. From January to August, the Louis Vuitton collection was all the rage, with magazine editors from America to Australia putting it on their covers. The Fall 2015 collection that seems to be dominating at the moment is Prada. Cara Delevingne wore it on Vogue’s July cover. Lily Donaldson donned a blush pink dress on Elle’s August issue. For September, supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely looked fabulous in a baby blue jersey and gazar dress. The dress in point is the one that will be saturated on newsstands until December, so get used to it. 

Miuccia Prada was playing on real/fake boundaries. Synthetic looking material found throughout the collection was a blend of jersey and gazar. Materials were genetically modified and revamped, while still maintaining the 60’s-vibe. The colour palette was primarily pastel with a few bursts of rich, acidic hues. Tweeds were pained, a delicate mixture of teal and pink. The double-breasted coat featured two fur panels, if painted tweed wasn’t enough for you. 

A molecule printed dress furthered Miuccia’s obsession with science within this collection. Blue contrasted with aqua, pink with mustard, blue with lime green, pistachio with steel. The eyewear were her goggles, the clothes Miuccia's experiment. 

Adorned on the breast of the looks was a Perspex brooch, cut in the shape of a flower. A hairpiece, also from Perspex, was placed in the models hair. The accessories in the collection were beautiful. Vinyl and silk opera gloves. Gardening gloves for the prim and proper lady, that the Prada woman embodied this season. A bag within a bag. The ‘Inside’ bag it was dubbed. A calf-hide pouch was placed inside a crocodile bag. Vogue called Miuccia ‘a master of surprise’ for this unique move. 
When scrolling through the pictures of this show on, I was listening to Lana Del Rey. Her song ‘National Anthem’ purred seductively as I watched live reactions and absorbed the bright colours of the show. In the third verse, she drones, “excessive buying, overdose and dyin’ on our drugs and our love, and on our dreams and our rage, blurring the lines between real and the fake”. To pluck a dichotomy between Prada and Lana isn’t the hardest. The ‘Inside’ bag would set you back £18,000. The acidic colours were a mad scientist’s dream. As Tim Blanks said in his review: “we tripped”. Blurring the lines between real and fake is exactly what Miuccia Prada did in this collection; the materials, the contrived niceness you’d associate with this Prada woman. 

In late June, the advertising campaign to appear in the magazines was released. The Steven Meisel-lensed campaign featured up and coming models Avery Blanchard, Estella Boersma, Inga Dezhina, Linesy Montero, Ine Neefs, Greta Varlese, and Maartje Verhoef. Linesy and Maartje are my favourite models at the moment, so it is a pleasure to see them. As per usual, Meisel works wonders and the models look just as fabulous as they did on the runway. 

Certainly a 180 degree turn from last seasons threadbare garments. This Prada woman was polished. From her perfectly manicured nails to her pristine wardrobe, this collection was prim and proper with an intergalactic edge. 
Collage Images:
Ad Campaign: - Photographed by Steven Meisel
Show Photos: - Photographed by Alfredo Piola

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