Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gosia Baczynska // Fall 2015 //

There have been many adaptations of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. To name a few, the 1939 version Son of Frankenstein. In 1942 there wasThe Ghost of Frankenstein. 2014’s I, Frankenstein was a failure that everybody saw coming. Good cast, atrocious film. It practically cursed any future adaptation. I’m not even remotely optimistic about James McAvoy’s take on the scientist. At the Hôtel de Monaco in Paris in March, Frankenstein’s monster was reborn. Designer Gosia Baczyñska reworked imagery from the James Whale-directed 1931 adaptationFrankenstein. Her Paris Fashion Week display was memorable, if not one of the best adaption of a theme. We’ve seen films, plays and television series with the character. A few years ago Christopher Kane was inspired by the prominent literary figure in his gorgeous Spring 2013 collection. It is much more refreshing to see him adapted into a different medium.

The 1931 film “combines tragic romanticism and progressive offbeat vision”. Is that not most designer’s relationship with fashion? Doesn’t it also account for everyone in the industry, and their relationship with fashion? We can fall in love with fashion, though for some it can be a means to an end or a burden. "A progressive offbeat vision”. Fashion folk can see things differently to the general public—dissecting trends and interpreting collections. 

There are dresses in this collection which have been constructed from geometric metallic organza shapes. They have been hand-sewn together. This conjures “unusual, avant-garde forms”. Laser cut pieces and soft, hairy crochets allude to the monster that Victor Frankenstein created. 3-D jacquards with convex diamond shaped forms can be seen on custom made knits. If you are to look closely at the jacquards you’ll see imagery of Frankenstein. 

The accessories in the collection “[enhanced] the cine/photographic inspiration and the vibe of endurance and reappearance”. Handbags resembled the shape of old cameras. Specially designed images appeared on the tights. 

“Eternity, endurance, continuation”. Those are the three keywords Baczyñska had in mind during the design process. These clothes are timeless and fit for any situation. What she created wasn’t a monster. It was thought out, with a few rough edges. But they were something that could be worked on. I think she did a good job.
Images courtesy of Totem PR

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