Thursday, July 16, 2015

J.W. Anderson // Fall 2015 //

Zooming up and down the runway, up and down, up and down, to the electronic new wave soundtrack of the Human League, models at the J.W. Anderson show transported us back to 1980’s East Berlin at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The party girls and the club scene in that area were on Anderson’s mood board for Fall 2015. A 1981 classic hit combined with a historic event in 1989, the decade - like any other - is a constant source of inspiration in fashion. However, leave it to J.W. Anderson to put his spin on the epoch. 

The brash eclecticism of this collection is what makes it so appealing. As Godfrey Deeny said of the 1980’s when speaking to, “anything could happen in fashion. You could throw lots of colours and shapes out”. That is just what Jonathan Anderson did in this collection. The J.W. girl traversed through the club scene at the time with clinquant jackets, tassels, cocoon shapes, padded shoulders, lurex, and nouveau cowboy-boots. Firmly slicked back hair did not compete with the graphically printed metallic lurex; or any of the looks for that matter. Citing the “naïveté” as something he loved about the girls, the styling of the collection was slightly haphazard and that added to its allure.

Look 2, worn by Alexandra Elizabeth, was a multicoloured fleece worn with emerald green velour trousers. The aforementioned cowboy boots, with a deadly point toe, and a grey clutch completed the look. Looks 30 and 31 were charming pieces of a similar style. 30 was a knit, printed-top and trousers combo in exuberant shades of red and blue. 31 was a knit jumpsuit in orange and brown. Both were cinched at the waist with belts and styled with mismatched earrings and cowboy boots. 

Making it onto top 10 lists at the end of fashion month can be tough. Hundreds of collections have been viewed by the fashion pack, and the usual suspects usually stick out like a sore thumb due to their production value. J.W. Anderson has become one of those designers who’s making top 10 lists. It’s not because of a crazy spectacle, but instead it’s his sublime clothing that captivates audiences. declared Anderson “the most influential designer working today”. were also enamoured, listing it on their top collections of the season post. I too would rank this collection in my top 10 of the season. It was a dazzling array of colour, texture and everything in between. 
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