Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Christopher Raeburn // Fall 2015 //

We’ve seen a duvet and pillow made into a dress, a $1.5 million 24k karat gold dress. That’s not to mention Lady Gaga’s infamous Franc Fernandez-designed meat dress. These unique constructions are popular in fashion. Christopher Raeburn is a designer who deconstructs things such as military surplus and completely re-invents them. This is a unique ability and for his Fall 2015 collection, ‘Immerse’, the designer’s collection was an “exploration of the colours, textures and experiences associated with a life spent at sea. A life raft, naval blankets and uniforms were all used to create a fashionable collection. 

The life raft provided both “fabrication and inspiration”. The finale look was a standout orange cape with a bottle green faux-fur collar. The orange was constructed from the bright orange panels on the raft. Contextualising the clothes in the press release is important as it takes a gorgeous, sculptured silhouetted cape to the next level, further exposing Raeburn’s talent. Original naval blankets and military uniforms were used to make duffels, anoraks, and beautifully tailored pea-coats. 

Partnered with The Woolmark Company, Raeburn has been able to develop unique fabrics and "new garment categories”. Luxury Merino knitwear was used on the mascot shark and jumper dresses. A unique Japanese wool denim was used, creating the “casual elegance” which Raeburn is famed for. Look 4 was a grey coat with a bright orange faux-fur collar, worn over a grey sweater with a shark motif and a mini-skirt made from the life raft leftovers. 

The aquatic theme continued with a playful print of bubbles in looks 14 and 15. Look 14 was an airy jumpsuit with an “eminently feminine statement”. The look is perfect for layering. The aforementioned casual elegance is on show in this lovely look. Look 15 was a black sweater with psychedelic bubbles adorning the look. Loose fit joggers with the same print completed the look. These outfits were notably lightweight compared to the “heavier fabrications used in outerwear”. The sweater is a piece which I’m dying to see on the streets during fashion week in September. That’s street-style photography bait right there. 

Once again executing a theme fantastically well, Raeburn switching from a Friday display to Tuesday has presented a fabulous collection. This easily wearable offering was seasonal and directional. It can only get better, I guess. Being immersed into the mind of Christopher Raeburn is wonderful. 
Photo Credit: nowfashion.com

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