Monday, July 27, 2015

Ashley Williams // Fall 2015 //

Ashley Williams’ press release for her Fall 2015 show read like an empowered girl’s Tumblr blog. Citing the Beastie Boys 1985 track ‘Girls’ and Sky Ferreira’s 2014 hit ‘Boys', it-girl Chloe Sevigny, Jennifer Lawrence, the groupies of The Human League, and Lana Del Rey as inspiration—there should be a Tumblr blog out there devoted to that. If a press release can get me excited prior to the show, (which is usually a rarity considering they just give the details of the collection) what’s to come is sure to be stellar. I was right. Ashley Williams ode to the megababe was everything I needed on the final day of London Fashion Week.

Britain’s own megababes, Georgia May Jagger, Alice Dellal and Immy Waterhouse all took to the runway, emerging from a keyhole shaped catwalk—a glittering background to the show. Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof were perched front row at the BFC Courtyard Show Space. Megababes everywhere. 

Donning PVC, pink shearling, sheer skirts and Swarovski crystals (a collaboration we often see), the Ashley Williams girl is a “hot sensation”. She is "the one you want to hang out with”, “the hard one at the back of the bus”, “the pretty one at the make-up stall”, “the one you want to have your back”. Intergalactic allusions came with labels reading “moonwalk”, highlighting the applications for one-way tickets to Mars that are now available. Other spellings on the clothes were “Improve your image: Be seen with me”. Enough said?

Look 11 was a black PVC coat with pink shearling accents. Fingerless gloves and point toe heels with gold studs completed the look. A zigzag-effect sheer skirt with a leather waistline was paired with a black sweater with an illustration of a a crazed man. The final look was worn by the aforementioned Alice Dellal. It was a one-shouldered mini dress with a Jessica Rabbit-esqe emblem and arched typography;  “Improve your image: Be seen with me”.

Whitney Houston’s 1992 classic ‘I’m Every Woman’ sprung to mind when watching this show. The clothes evoked the right amount of swagger that I believe that song possesses. And as Houston used to belt “I’m every woman, it’s all in me,” - that was this collection. It’s for every woman.
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