Thursday, July 2, 2015

Apu Jan // Fall 2015 //

Recently, I began to watch Lost Girl on Netflix. The Canadian supernatural show seemed heavy from the outset but I’m all for a perverse storytelling. A succubus learning more about her supernatural power, controlling it and helping others along the way. I am certainly intrigued by what it has to offer. Fashion and fairytales (and legends) seems like a perfect fit, don’t they? Well, they are. As proved by Apu Jan, fairytales and fashion can walk hand-in-hand - the result being brilliant. The Taiwanese designer graduated with an MA in fashion - specifically knitwear - from the Royal College of Art. He shows his collections as a part of Fashion Scout, at the Freemason’s Hall, during London Fashion Week. I have had the pleasure of attending Jan’s shows a number of times and am a huge fan. Fall 2015 - held in a cavernous room with in Freemasons Hall - was a spectacular deliverance and I was more than pleased. 

“Deep into the woods,” was the title bestowed upon the collection. The storytelling element this season was portrayed by the use of certain materials and techniques. Patterned jacquard, digital prints (see trees or flowers in brushstrokes on outfits and accessories), and hand-knit and machine-knit techniques were all used to convey the theme. The knitting techniques used resembled intertwined weeds or branches, reflecting the theme. The most covetable pieces from the collection were unsurprisingly knitted. Sweaters, scarves and baggy dresses were all completed with finesse - they will no doubt be a success with Jan’s growing stockists. The digital prints and jacquards (which featured images of overgrown forestry) were either a whole look or paired with a contrasting black item. The printed, blue dresses seemingly reflected the deepest and darkest corners of the human hearts - along with the abundant foliage. 
DJQuestionMark and Ying Wu collaborated with Jan this season on the collection. DMC Taiwan champion DJQuestionMark’s show set interweaved the idea of a forest fantasy with his unique and modern piece. Central Saint Martins (BA in textile design) and Royal College of Art (MA in textile print) graduate Ying Wu has been producing prints for Apu Jan for five seasons. A force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, Wu has worked previously with H&M, Alexander McQueen and Diesel. She created a series of delicate creatures including insects, animals and fairies onto the surface of silks and woven pieces. 

I was truly mesmerised by the collection. Blending an interesting theme with wearable clothing and fabrics, the end result was exquisite. Once upon a time there was a fairytale-inspired fashion show. Once upon a time there was a designer who brilliantly executed a fairytale-inspired fashion show; his name is Apu Jan. 

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