Monday, June 29, 2015

Anne Sofie Madsen // Resort 2016 //

Anne Sofie Madsen started her eponymous label in 2011. The Danish-designer previously garnered experience working under John Galliano after graduating. Following her stint under the infamous designer, she was a junior designer at Alexander McQueen. With a heap of experience under her immaculate belt, Madsen presented her first Resort collection for 2016 - her unique aesthetic shining through.

Fastening your seat-belts and having a plunging neckline is an idea that Madsen tested out in this gothic-inspired collection. A midi-length dress equipped with both of those things was smooth and a soft-goth look. A “falling jacket” had a tied belt around the wrists and was over a “falling skirt of a similar style. A top emblazoned with an opium flower - visible throughout the collection - was worn under the nouveau-macintosh. My personal favourite was the "tubeville dress”. A high-neck with an asymmetrical hemline and other idiosyncrasies was simply hued and was simple beautiful.

The opium print from earlier in the presentation appeared again on a leather dress compartmentalised by different colours - brown, rust, black, white, pale yellow and teal, respectively. Reflective squares, laser cut opiums and another asymmetric hemline completed the look. A concoction of materials came in the form of an “opium blouse. Leather and suede matched perfectly - especially when paired with the softer white colour - and the flaring sleeves were an added touch of perfection. The precision tailoring obviously won me over too. 

Inspiration is clearly something that Madsen has sought from her mentors of past. However, I appreciated how she deviated from becoming a copycat of the two great designers she worked under. She isn’t working under anyone now and she is playing by her own rules and marching to the beat of her own drum. It is a tune that I hope will be fine-tuned throughout the next couple of seasons. 

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