Monday, March 9, 2015

Devastée // Fall 2015 //

I have never been to Paris. However the prospect of France’s dreamy primate city intrigues me. Paris Fashion Week, the same. This season I received an invite to my first show in Paris, though unfortunately I was unable to attend.. I was elated to see it in my inbox. Devastée. I knew little about the brand, besides that it shows on the opening day of Paris Fashion Week. Upon a Google search, I was enlightened on the brand. The label has garnered a huge following in Japan. Francois Alary and Ophelie Klere are the duo behind the goth-influenced brand. Their Spring 2015 collection was delightful. Their Fall 2015 collection - even better. 
Opening the show was a kitsch floaty dress. The dress featured a grey print of wheat on the silver body. Black tights and brogues finished off the look. Sinister illustrations emblazoned the looks. Ghosts resembling Snapchat’s logo, smiley faces, high cheek boned monsters, fabulous females with swirling cheeks. It was gothic with a stylishly monstrous vibe. The lace added to looks gave fragility to the outfits. The girlishly gothic numbers with the addition of lace enriched the collection.

As models paraded down the runway I was enamoured by what I was seeing. Beautiful outerwear pieces. Gorgeous accessories - brogues, berets, scarves. The lack of clinquant pieces in the collection was refreshing. Milanese labels and London designers had an affinity for embellishment, embroidery and occasionally gimmicks. This tonal effort from Klere and Alary was energising and cool. It spoke to a wider audience. There was pieces for the fashion crowd to love but also the general public. Commercialism has to be on the mind of designers and it was here in the Devastée collection, but done creatively. 

The sweater with a smiley face was a standout. Lace overlays were killer. Funky illustrations were witty and amusing. Every look was wearable and could be deconstructed to give a simple aesthetic. There was a lot to like here. I loved it all. 

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