Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chiara Ferragni // Fall 2015 //

In my Devastée review from yesterday I divulged that I have never been to Paris. The same goes for another European fashion capital. Milan. Milano. The flagship of Italy’s fashion industry. Bi-annually, the third fashion week of fashion month is held here. I was cordially invited to a presentation on the Sunday during Milan Fashion Week. I was unable to attend due to prior commitments. Chiara Ferragni is perhaps one of the most famous bloggers. She is theblondesalad.com. She is also a shoe designer. I was delighted to be invited to the presentation as I find her quirky soles to lovely.
For Fall 2015, the collection is explorative with four stories. ‘Present’ - the first part. A present that always looks backward and forwards at the same time was on Chiara’s mind. This conceptual idea showed us Chiara’s sojourn into new worlds and trends with iconoclastic and pop perspective. Clinquant heels - in hot pink and silver stood out at the presentation, which was aptly a sea of shoes. 

The next segment of the presentation was titled ‘Flirting’. Bestsellers of Chiara’s collections were reinvigorated here. The sell out slip on sneakers stood out to me. The funky Mickey Mouse sneakers of season’s past are admirably beautiful. This season’s darker tone presented us with more animated pieces. The slip ons read ‘I FEEL’ and had love hearts on them. A reflective pair had infantile creature, one eye open and teeth askew. Dorothy’s ruby slippers were given a funky Ferragni pizzazz. The glittery ruby slip-ons had a kiss blowing emoji on one upper, and ‘I FEEL’ the other. 
The animated pairs caught my eyes. They belonged to the ‘Monsters’ act. The design team materialised cute monsters, with little eyes covering velvet slip-ons, multicolour glitter and velvet slippers, high heel sandals and pumps. Once again it was the slip-ons that maintained my attention. They were quirky, funny and wearable. A grumpy looking yellow eyed cat was particularly menacing looking. 

‘Black and Gold’ featured some of my favourite pieces of the collection. Thigh high boots with patent leather gold eye embroideries with leather panels on the knees were simply to die for. A street style stars dream. The sartorially inclined will be all over these pieces. Fluttering eyelashes on the eyes emblazoned on the uppers of the shoes added modish funk to the looks. The mismatched appearance made them more covetable. 

What a cool collection of hip shoes. There was an array of fetching styles present at the presentation. The assortment of designs at the presentation was key. It was alluring and fun. The amusing nature also ensured that fashion is a fun and creative medium. Chiara Ferragni, the well heeled fashion blogger, the shoe designer. What else should the multi-talented Italian add to her packed résumé?
Images courtesy of: purplepr.com

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