Thursday, February 19, 2015

Proenza Schouler // Fall 2015 //

I think that was the sexiest collection from the Proenza Schouler boys. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the geniuses behind Proenza Schouler presented their Fall 2015 collection during New York Fashion Week at the vacant Whitney Museum. The duo once again sought inspiration from the art world - it was only fitting they held the show at a museum. Abstract expressionism and minimalist sculpturing were sources of inspiration. Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Morris, respectively, have interesting pieces of work which were translated into the Proenza Schouler collection.

Eyeleted tights were worn throughout the collection. They added this sex appeal as aforementioned. Midriff bearing numbers, exposed shoulders, plunging necklines, splits, sheer details. It was all very evocative in an abstract way. The Proenza Schouler way. Look 13 was a crimson red off the shoulder long sleeve dress. It featured multiple slashes and revealed skin and also the high waisted tights. It was all very provocative. Look 15 was a similar look also revealing the tights and a sliver of skin. This time the cracked grey printed dress featured a high high and was body hugging before gently flaring into a delicately cut skirt. 
The bandaged dresses weren’t your average HervĂ© Leger number, but instead it covered up a printed dress with red details. Despite being covered with a second layer the outfit was oozing sex appeal, it bursted from the seams. Even the coats had you wondering, what was underneath? The rich red hues in the coats were glamourous. I can imagine Anna Wintour will be Proenza-clad come September. 

The finale looks. Sequinned with more than 300,000 pieces, seamstresses worked tirelessly to produce flawless pieces resembling work of sculptor Robert Morris. The whole draped vibe that I was getting off them was similar to the work he did with materials. The colour palette also was similar to those that artist Frankenthaler used. The blood red, crimson, vermillion, rust and auburn colours were all welcomed and championed the 44-piece collection. Greys, blacks, whites were also featured in the presentation. The red carpet dazzlers will be shimmering with the flashing of light bulbs at Oscar parties at the weekend no doubt. 

I was more than impressed with this collection on the penultimate day of New York Fashon Week. Outfits with fur weren’t done ostentatiously as they were in other designers’ collections during the week. Instead the seldom use of fur enchanting shoulder pad details and V-necklines. The tights discharged sexiness from every eyelet. The swept back hairstyles stayed out of models visages as they pounded the runway with an empowered stride, like an intergalactic glamazonian. Jack and Lazaro are aspirational. Their prestigious fixture on the NYFW schedule once again provided with a ravishing autumnal collection. 

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