Monday, February 23, 2015

Bora Aksu // Fall 2015 //

The songbird in Oscar Wilde’s story ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ served as the inspiration for Bora Aksu’s Fall 2015 collection. The Turkish designer displayed his collection in the BFC Courtyard Space of Somerset House to an anticipating audience. As the show began, the space faded to black. An excerpt from the story of which the show was inspired by played. A model walked out and the lights emerged one by one, illuminating the model in every stride. That was the beginning of a gorgeous collection from Bora Aksu.

The sacrifice a lone nightingale makes in pursuits of another’s love and 
the rose for which he gives his life was a starting point in the emotional sojourn explored in the collection. As the show notes said, the hues brought us on this journey. Royal blues represented the lovelorn story, gold optimism, and also dusty pinks a sanguine narrative. Jet blacks closed out the show injecting pessimism into the show. 
Intricate thread work embroideries, eyeleted outfits and the colours used were highlights in the 30-piece collection. Look 28 was a black dress with sheer details and pink floral embroideries. The models wore side swept faux loose ponytails. The final look, also black, was a high neck eyeleted mini dress with a dusty rose skirt underneath and donned by a blonde model wearing a menacing grin. 

At the end of the show, in signature Aksu style, the models congregated at the end of the runway. They paused and then pounded the catwalk in a confident procession. The kinetic clothes looked splendid together, the juxtaposition of tonal hues and the confidence exuded by the models was particularly impactful. This parade of models is always something I love seeing in a Bora Aksu collection. Seeing the clothes together is like being in a dream state. This Fall collection was delicate yet packed a punch. 

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