Thursday, January 1, 2015

Phoebe English // Spring 2015 //

Phoebe English is a new designer for me. I saw her name on the Spring 2015 digital schedule at London Fashion Week and was intrigued. I wanted to know more. After she presented I searched for images and it was a great moment. Phoebe specially designed a window display for Dover Street Market’s 10th Birthday celebration. This was a bold move for DSM to choose a young and up-and-coming designer for their display, but I’m sure it paid off.

English is very creative and her collection was splendid. There was contradictions in the collection. Materials, light and hard, different textures, and ideas were juxtaposed. 

The collection opened with a muslin dress, apron-esque, with messy paint strokes. Illustrator Helen Bullock was responsible for the hand painted prints. Another fascinating aspect of the collection was the giupure d’art (an ancient lace making technique that was popular in the 16th century). This technique is very interesting and displays English’s attention to detail.

This collection is a defining moment in Phoebe English’s career as her name will be introduced to the masses - especially with her being on the official schedule for Fall 2015.

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