Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peter Pilotto // Spring 2015 //

Coming off of the Fall 2014 collection, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos have a lot to live up to, in my opinion. That collection was amazing. For Spring 2015 they came extremely close to being just as good as the previous collection which is a feat. 

There was a lot of perspex in this collection. This oozed sex appeal. The coats which featured perspex resembled stained glass windows.   Some dresses did too, and were practically matching but I didn’t see the same thing. This excited me. Other coats featured, were technicolour dreams. 
Most looks were symmetric, and employed the butterfly effect, but other looks didn’t conform and were asymmetric. Look 12 featured a burst of teal on the black dress with coloured button embroidery. I’m not sure if I was the biggest fan of this.

The mini dresses which featured a teardrop were divine. These exquisite numbers were perfection. Naomie Harris has worn one of the looks at an event, and on her lean frame she exuded confidence and sexiness in the outfit. This is guaranteed with most Peter Pilotto outfits.

Yet another fabulous collection from the boys. 
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