Monday, January 5, 2015

Mother of Pearl // Spring 2015 //

Mother of Pearl is luxury sports-luxe brand founded by Maia Norman. In 2010 a new creative director, Amy Powney, was appointed. Powney has reinvented the brand but in an intriguing way. Each season, an artist collaborates with the label and together with Powney they create prints to incorporate in the collection. This idea alone had me sold. 

For Spring 2015, painter a Chris Moon was the chosen collaborator of the brand. Amy deconstructed his paintings, examining every inch of the paintings. Discarded unfinished paintings were also used. This helped form the basis of the print that was used in the collection. 60's singer Sandie Shaw was the starting point for Powney's collection. After this Powney began to juxtapose luxury and the athletic aesthetic. Sportswear was paired with jewels and heels. I have to say it worked perfectly.
One of the final looks was a pretty white dress with a black embroidery and a sky blue print and red trimming. Slip-on sneakers and fancy earrings were added to the look. The dress was stunning and I can envision it on the red carpet on Nicole Kidman. That would be amazing. The shoes are covetable and will no doubt be snapped up quickly by die-hard Mother of Pearl fans. The trainers the label make are the bestselling product.

The label is predictable in the sense that we can expect some lavish sportswear but the unpredictable side is that we don't know which artist Powney will work with. We don't know what quirky print will be incorporated into the collection. This is what piques my interest. 
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