Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mary Katrantzou // Spring 2015 //

I love Mary Katrantzou. She’s great. Her designs are fabulous and always have been. For Spring 2015 Mary showed on Sunday evening like she always does and she is a staple on the London Fashion Week calendar. At first I wasn’t head over heels about the collection but when I heard what the inspiration was and so close-up images, I was captivated.
The world 500 millions years ago inspired Mary for Spring. The super continent Pangaea and oceanic ridges were animated into Mary’s super collection. Anne Catherine Lacroix opened the show in a completely tonal look (a departure from Mary). My favourite Kirsten Owen walked down the volcanic runway (rubber chips) in a patchwork shimmering black top paired with taupe silk floor length wide leg trousers.
Tectonic plates and oceanic ridges were all laser cut and fashioned into gorgeous outfits. On others these were printed on dresses and trousers. Look 26 was an elaborate mini-dress festooned with ‘tectonic plates’. Other looks featured floral and fauna from Pangaea and Panthalassa.

Mary is developing the direction her designs are taking which is a wonderful thing. Hands down, the best collection from Mary to date.

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