Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Marios Schwab // Spring 2015 //

Folds, facets and frames were Marios Schwab’s inspirations for Spring 2015. A gorgeous cropped mac over a beige folded skirt provided a strong opening look.

Schwab’s apparent favourite colour teal was, of course, featured. Tunic dresses, suits and tops were done in this colour. White was another colour used. Marios also used a lot of prints this season. A signature sheer bodice with intricate sequin embroideries and a folded skirt with a framed print of a sculpture was the third taste of this rare sighting.

I thought there was too much going on with Look 20. The black sheer form fitting gown with sequin embroidery was lovely but I didn’t like the white floor length skirt paired with it. 

Overall it was a lovely show with a few disappointing looks.

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