Saturday, December 20, 2014

Faustine Steinmetz // Spring 2015 //

One of my first shows at London Fashion Week in September was Faustine Steinmetz. The French designer told London Fashion Week's website that she is 'exploring the gap between physical garments you buy in the shops and the image you have of these same garments'. I was amazed that each of the denim pieces were hand made from scratch and no electricity was used. This laborious effort produced a wonderful collection.

The threadbare denims were fascinating. There was frayed, distressed, tattered, crushed and deconstructed looking outfits, all of which were created by hand. The clothes were hand-dyed, knotted, embroidered and painted. All of these techniques were used to give the texture and appearance of denim.
Faustine is definitely a designer to look out for during the next fashion week.

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