Saturday, December 27, 2014

Claire Barrow // Spring 2015 //

Claire Barrow is a cool designer. It sounds very cheesy, but she is. Her funky clothes are soon to be lusted after by everyone aware of London Fashion Week next season as she shows her first on schedule show outside of Fashion East and prior presentations. 

Barrow is sponsored by the Topshop funded NEWGEN and this is her second season apart of the scheme. NEWGEN have a space at the showrooms in London Fashion Week. I saw a handful of Claire’s Fall 2014 pieces and was enamoured by the hand painted leather goods. This is an interesting idea and one that was original and frankly intriguing. I have since jumped on the Claire Barrow bandwagon and frantically searched for images of her Spring 2015 presentation (titled ’Tender Love and Care’) right after it was shown.

For Spring Claire was inspired by dystopian art and literature and her love for storytelling provided a great collection. Claire’s story was that a virus was engulfing the Western world in a evolutionary reversal which transforms humans into household pets. Only women with medical expertise aren’t harmed by the horror and are seen as goddesses by the affected and this collection is their uniform. Screen prints and hand painted methods are the way Claire expressed this concept.

The hand painted illustrations were childlike yet menacing and frightening. Shades of blue, pink and gold perfectly complemented the monochromatic theme. The lambskin, silk and cottons the best materials to use, as they add to the collection but do not demand all of the attention.

This is a wonderful collection, maybe a tad creepy but what’s not to love. The clothes at first seem unconventional, but upon closer inspection they appear quite wearable. It’s the second inspection that furthers my love for most collections and it wasn’t any different here. A tour-de-force outing for Claire Barrow.

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