Sunday, August 31, 2014

FELDER FELDER // Fall 2014 //

Annette Felder and Daniela Felder are German sisters and brilliant fashion the designers. They Felderised me (that’s the twitter hashtag they’ve been using on this glum Valentine’s Day. Freemason’s Hall was the venue for the show.
The opening look was a bug green long sleeved floor sweeping coat with dark chartreuse lining. Following that was a purple coat, with a matching mini skirt and a sheer red shirt. Then came the form fitting dresses with sheer details and cut-outs. Jaime King served as inspiration. There were leather jackets, dresses were in a splendid violet hue and were of various lengths.
The black PVC in the middle of the show reminded me of the terrifying Rubber Man in the season 1 of American Horror Story. The finale look was snow white. A turtleneck midriff bearing sweater, white wide leg 70’s inspired trousers with a sheer detail. A white coat with a fur hem finished off the look .

Yet another great season for the FELDER sisters at London Fashion Week. I love it when designers set the bar high on the opening day.

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