Wednesday, December 4, 2013

• Marios Schwab • S/S14 •

Marios Schwab is one of my favourite designers. His past two collections have been his best work to date. This season wasn't his best but was extremely good. Regent's Park was where the Topshop Show Space was this season. Marios' designs were strutted down the white runway with grass at the side. How whimsical.

The collection was trés chic. Every season the Greco-Austrian features sheer looks with embellishments. Last season it was a devilishly haunting moment when the beautiful ghost like gown glided down the runway. This season those looks were turned into fun ankle length dress with less drama and more playfulness.

Spray paint and airbrushing effects were used to give the illusion of curves, look 1 was the first and prime example of that. Look 27 was my favourite look. The cream
sheer high neck long sleeve dress with intricate detailing of black spray paint in different areas which strangely reminded me of a seismometer. 

The finale looks came in eight forms. The first was a black lace long sleeve gown with a seismometer-reading-esqe print, which was followed by a white gown with an illusion panel and blue detailing and a black party dress with an elaborate necklace halter. A similar white gown took the runway, then a Grecian inspired rusty red coloured gown, a white gown and the finale rusty red silk chiffon floaty gown.

Another stupendous collection from Schwab. Every season he manages to keep it interesting while also referencing his previous collections and featuring similar designs.

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