Wednesday, September 25, 2013

• Bora Aksu • S/S14 • 'Nazar'

Bora Aksu celebrated his 10th anniversary at London Fashion Week this season and kicked off proceedings as the first show of the season. His Turkish homeland and it's colourful culture served as his inspiration of what was one of his best collections to date. 

Polka dots, florals and stripes all popped up this season. The colours used had great meanings in Turkey. To us viewers they were just colourful show stoppers but really the colour palette began with Nazar Boncuk (whom the collection is named after). These colours are traditionally worn in Turkey to ward off evil spirits. A blue glass colour is the protective colour and was most prominent this season. Off whites keep the colour light and the bursts of canary yellow and fuchsia are used reminding Aksu of his long summers in the Aegean Sea.
Patterns and textures were also a heavily visited looks this season. Hand woven crochets which are even more beautiful up close and laces over silk chiffon or tulle or used over cotton in skirts.

The accessories were questionable and buzzed about on Twitter. White socks and black and silver sandals. Quite a jarring eyesore at twenty past nine but forgiven for the amazingness of the clothes. 

A fantastic ten years at London Fashion Week it's been for Mr. Aksu. With great collections like the past few he'll be ever present for the next ten.

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