Monday, September 30, 2013

• Roksanda Ilincic • S/S14 •

London Bridge Quarter was the setting for Roksanda Ilincic's Spring 2014 show during London Fashion Week. The Serbian designer is known for her chic, modern and lady like dresses and gowns but this season she switched it up. Futurism was present.

I noticed on Manic Monday during LFW all the girl personas of a designers collections had changed. Roksanda's was one of them. She went from lady like to a daredevil from from future. Black flat shoes with cream bows were donned by models who wore black bows in their hair.

Geometric printing was also used in Roksanda's show. Look 13 was gorgeous, a yellow, black and white sleeveless dress strip details at the hem. Grey T-bar heels completed the model's look. 

Oranges, blacks, yellows, reds and purples were on Ilincic's colour palette for the season. They were all used in a perfect mixtures. Roksanda is wondrous when it comes to colour blocking. She knows what colours to pair, sometimes they're shocking mixtures or ones you wouldn't normally choose.

I'm running out of superlatives to describe London Fashion Week designers this year. No one has disappointed. Fabulous and sharp are definitely the best to describe Roksanda's looks. Her celebrity clients are going to be very pleased with this collection.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

• Mary Katrantzou • S/S14 •

All hail the queen of print. That's Mary Katrantzou Imm talking about of course. She's just magnificent. Last Sunday night the Greek born London based designer (scratch that) - visionary presented her rainbow Spring 2014 collection at One Great George Street with a set designed by Bureau Betak.

Mens shoes. That was the print on the first slew of looks. I've learned with seeing collections on electronics to pay very close attention and with Mary you have to do that. Laces and laser cut details of a man's shoe were shown in variations of dresses, jackets and skirts. 
Then the expected florals arrived almost looking as colourful as ever. A floral print shoe with black laces was emblazoned on a pretty jacket and worn over a mini dress. Look 16 will definitely be making its way to the red carpet. The slinky electric blue party dress with yellow, purple and floral details will definitely be snapped up by celebrity stylists.

After that it was the start of the ruches empire waist dresses.mfirst a floral pink look. A light blue purple Swarovski crystal embellished dress git the runway. I was in complete awe of the look. It was beautiful.

Christian Louboutin has partnered with Mary on shoes for previous collections but these season she turned to Italian shoe maker Gianvito Rossi. Notable wearer includes Carine Roitfeld. The shoes were either floral print lace-ups or lace-up ankle boots.

Overall a fabulous collection from an amazing designer. London is lucky to have Mary Katrantzou.
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2013 Emmy Awards: Fashion Report

The Emmy Awards were Sunday and above are my best dressed.

Claire Danes who won Best Actress in a Drama Role for Homeland wore a Spring 2013 Armani Privé nude lace gown with a deep plunging neckline. She looks stunning here.

Girls' Lena Dunham looked great. The writer/director/actress wore the same designer she wore at last years event; Prada. Her custom made green plunging neckline ball gown was emblazoned with red roses. 

Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Role and was definitely the best dressed at the event. She donned a custom made Donna Karan Atelier strapless cream gown with cascading ruffles and a metallic waistband. 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

• Bora Aksu • S/S14 • 'Nazar'

Bora Aksu celebrated his 10th anniversary at London Fashion Week this season and kicked off proceedings as the first show of the season. His Turkish homeland and it's colourful culture served as his inspiration of what was one of his best collections to date. 

Polka dots, florals and stripes all popped up this season. The colours used had great meanings in Turkey. To us viewers they were just colourful show stoppers but really the colour palette began with Nazar Boncuk (whom the collection is named after). These colours are traditionally worn in Turkey to ward off evil spirits. A blue glass colour is the protective colour and was most prominent this season. Off whites keep the colour light and the bursts of canary yellow and fuchsia are used reminding Aksu of his long summers in the Aegean Sea.
Patterns and textures were also a heavily visited looks this season. Hand woven crochets which are even more beautiful up close and laces over silk chiffon or tulle or used over cotton in skirts.

The accessories were questionable and buzzed about on Twitter. White socks and black and silver sandals. Quite a jarring eyesore at twenty past nine but forgiven for the amazingness of the clothes. 

A fantastic ten years at London Fashion Week it's been for Mr. Aksu. With great collections like the past few he'll be ever present for the next ten.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

• Industrie Magazine • Issue 6 •

When I visited London recently for fashion week I made a trip to Selfridge's. I spent £40 on three magazines and four bags of Maria Sharapova's candy 'Sugarpova' (review to come). One of the magazines I bought was Industrie.

I've heard before the Industrie is all about, you guessed it, the industry. The editors, the models, the photographers, the stylists, the designers and so on. I was pleasantly surprised with the features issue 6 had. To me fashion magazines aren't all about the editorials. I love great features and Industrie provides great features. The magazine 

Cara Delevingne is on the cover wearing Alaïa photographed by Alasdair McKellan. Inside there is an in depth and interesting interview with the model. Emily Weiss, the founder of online site Into the Gloss, is another person who I was happy to read about. Polish model Anja Rubik posed nude for tasteful spread called 'The Editor'. The interviewer asked her about her editorship at the magazine she produces bi-annually 25. That was another great interview.

I really enjoyed Industrie and would highly recommend it to those who are very interested in the fashion industry. 

• Zoë Jordan • S/S14 •

Zoe Jordan recently did a 'Do it Like a Doodle' competition on the brands Twitter account. If you're wondering how she chose the topic look no further than her softly hued Spring 2014 collection which featured black and white doodles.
For Fall 2013 it was all about bold colours and Prince of Wales checks but this season it was the opposite. Soft spring-like colours of rosy pink, red, pale blue, white and grey. 
The pink leather jacket with zipper details was one of my favourite looks. Softyet so edgy. That's what I love about London designers. No matter how soft and celestial their clothes look there is still a cool edginess behind them. The Zoe Jordan girl for example is girly but yet edgy and not to be messed with.

White platform wedges with pink and red insoles were worn by statuesque models looking absolutely amazing with barely there make-up and chic hairstyles. 

Another great flaw free collection from former architecture student Zoe Jordan. What's not to love about her designs. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

• J JS Lee • S/S14 •

Jackie Lee known under the pseudonym of J JS Lee presented her Spring 2014 collection during London Fashion Week at Somerset House. The BFC NEWGEN winner sponsored by Topshop is a fan of gloomy and rainy days, perfect for the weather of LFW. Her show on the contrary was far from gloomy.

Jackie was born in Seoul, South Korea and is based in London. She has seven years of pattern cutting experience and graduated with an MA in Womenswear from Central Saint Martins in London. Topshop have even had the designer create a special notebook for sale in the NEWGEN area of Somerset House where you pick a cover and a colour inside, and they bind it together for you.

Think pink. And also according to the press release under the sea, this is the second show of LFW to use aquatic references after Felder Felder. A jellyfish which inspired Jackie was holographically projected onto the walls of the BFC Courtyard Space. The opening look was a pink top with a pointy collar and oversized sleeves paired with a pencil skirt and ankle strap sandals. 

Impeccable tailoring provided an elegant touch to the somewhat edgy clothing that hit the white runway. Blacks, whites and pinks were all used in the collection. Even though black is associated with melancholiness and gloominess it still had a summer feeling to it.  

A great collection. The rising star is one to keep a close eye on and it'll be great to see how the South Korean evolves next season for Fall.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

• Christopher Kane • S/S14 •

Christopher Kane is a designer capable of making science interesting. Photosynthesis to be exact. The labeling of a flower on a sweater really made laugh and say 'Only Christopher Kane could do this'. Last season everything was precise. Those feathered looks. I get the shivers from the fabulousness.

This season it was sharp tailoring. The opener was a black cropped tuxedo with a plunging neckline and metallic silver petal like cutouts. The next few looks were more sexy and revealing. Of the 55 piece collection I can't say I dislike anything. I genuinely can't - it's that amazing.

Look 6, 7, 16, 25, 38, 41, 44, 45, 48 and 51 were just some of the most eye catching of my favourites. Each had the same theme and were for the most part uniquely different. 

Four London trends were featured in the collection; metallics, pink, florals and airiness. All of the four trends were executed perfectly, in true Kane style. Every season he gets better and his inspirations more interesting. Frankenstein was even an inspiration, and for a Spring collection and another time it was 'Cruising' a film starring Al Pacino about a gay serial killer. They are extremely compelling.

Christopher Kane in one word is 'brilliant'. That's just one word. There are hundreds of others that I'd use. A great collection, a great theme and edginess galore.

• Ping He • S/S14 •

Ping He is a Chinese fashion designer who launched her eponymous label at London Fashion Week this season. I was lucky enough to attend the show and was also invited to the launch party but was unable to attend.

She had Mary Charteris DJ at the event. Mary is British aristocracy being the daughter of the Earl of Wemyss and March. She's also a model who's signed with Premier Model Management.

Ping attended Suzhou University (BA) and Nottingham University (MA) for fashion design.  Ping, who's worked for leading labels such as Alexander McQueen. Also she was the design director in London for label Aftershock. She even started the label's first couture line. She won the Outstanding Young Chinese Person in London Award at the British Retail Awards.

For Spring 2014 her girl was elegant and airy. A pleated midi length white skirt paired with a white top with sheer sleeves opened the show. Dramatic black lips with a gold strip running through them was very effective against the all white look. When the white and black empire waist gown hit the runway my heart stopped. I love a gown as much as the next person but this one was particularly captivating. 

Laura Whitmore, Poppy Delevigne and Tanya Burr were all sat front row at the wonderfully lit show. They each looked chic and rocked their own personal style.

Oozing femininity and airiness the clothes weren't to be missed. 

Photo Credit: News.CN

Friday, September 20, 2013

• Holly Fulton • S/S14 •

Holly Fulton knows how to put on a show. A colourful one at that. The Scottish designer is among the alumni of the Edinburgh College of,Art and the Royal College of Art. 

For Spring Fulton was inspired by New York ladies in their soft focus of the 70's. Women who look sexy but elegant on the eve of summer. Holly is known for her graphic prints. She's one of the most notable designer to use them. I've always been a follower of the great label.

Blue and pink the colours of the season. Holly chose peachy and light pink hues and powder blues and very feint sky blues. These colours came in the forms of printed jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers. 

The finale look was an intricately sequin sewn short sleeve top paired with a silk chiffon floral print maxi skirt. I'm a fan of detail and would've loved to have seen the top up close to pay attention to the fine detail put into the making of the top.

This season has been about London Fashion Week. It's fastly and finally becoming one of the fashion weeks to be at. The promising street wear and the amazing labels dotted around the cosmopolitan city really help propel London in the fashion world. Holly Fulton is another reason to come visit. Captivating audience every season the Scot knows what sells and what looks good.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

• JW Anderson • S/S14

Airy and Kyudo. Another trend has emerged out of London Fashion Week courtesy of David Koma and J.W. Anderson. At this afternoons presentation of J.W. Anderson's Spring 2014 collection at Yeomanry House the Kyudo looks popped up.

Birkenstocks are ugly and I don't care what anybody says. They're unfashionable. Jonathan featured them in his collection. Despite disliking the clumpy flip-flop alternative, nothing could take away from the imprccable clothes taking to the runway.

The strong opener was a sheer white blouse and skirt lightly cinched at various points. Leather skirts and leather bow accents popped up. Edginess is something you'll always get from a J.W. Anderson show. It's almost guaranteed. But this season instead of interpreting womenswear through menswear, doing androgyny, he did the opposite feminine womenswear.

BFC Young Style Ambassador Alexa Chung and friend Pixie Geldof sat front row. Alexa wore a lovey Marios Schwab mini. Pixie opted for a less dress number but still oozed the coolness she's known for.

Another amazing collection from the Irish designer. Flawless, elegant, airy and edgy. Words that will always be associated with the amazing J.W. Anderson.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

• David Koma • S/S14 •

The show of the season. David Koma presented his ebay fashion sponsored show at Somerset House in the BFC Courtyard Space. The Georgian has an eye for style and all of his sexy but edgy pieces are fit for the red carpet. 

His inspiration this season was Kyudo. It's best understood as a form of meditation. This ancient practice isa meeting of Samurai martial arts and the spiritual practice of Zen philosophy. The laws are truth, virtue and beauty - these laws are how Koma interpreted it into a collection.

The opener was a black and white figure hugging dress. Following this came many black and white looks before electric blue hit the runway captivating the audience. Koma's a designer that has many fans. They include Maria Sharapova, Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Lawrence. His fans will all be pleased with this collection.

Wearability is key at the moment and most designers pull that off. Koma does that in excess. The versatile pieces have a day to night attitude. They're edgy but also classy and appropriate for the everyday wanderer. 

I've always been a fan of the Central Saint Martin's alum and this has to be his best collection yet. He really outdoes himself, every season. And that's why I look forward to next season. To the future. Maybe that'll even be his inspiration.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

• Emilia Wickstead • S/S14 •

'Easy like Sunday morning' sang the Commodores. Yes it was a very relaxing and easy Sunday morning at the Halcyom Gallery for the Emilia Wickstead show during London Fashion Week. The BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund winner of 2013 has a fan base most notably including the world's most watched and loved women, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

This regal, prim and proper collection will be well received by the royal. From it's opening look of a pale pink skirt suit to the closing look of a piano print romper, Emilia's collection was just so opulent and elegant. 

Emilia is a Central Saint Martins graduate like most of the designers presenting at fashion week. She launched her eponymous label in 2009, specifically for made-to-measure looks before branching off into seasonal catwalk shows at fashion week. Manolo Blahnik has collaborated with Emilia for footwear to accompany her collections.

Despite being a fan of more ostentatious looks, I still enjoyed the show from Wickstead. Her sharp tailoring, amazing dose of elegance without being boring are very enticing.
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• Jonathan Saunders • S/S14 •

The Tate Modern was Jonathan Saunders' set for London Fashion Aweek this season. The Glaswegian studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and then moved onto Central Saint Martins (where he graduated with an MA in Printed Textiles) in England. 

His printed textiles experience is always noticable in his collections. The attention to details and the mixing of materials you notmally wouldn't pair together but it turns out they actually work well together, is something to try to fathom. His Creativeness is what he should be called. 

 The colour palettes in his collections have been getting very rich. Burgundies, dark sandy colours, teals, navy and charcoals were all used this season. His mixture of print and colour are also great. Lifelike-floral-printed sheer blouses with colour blocked jackets and silk culottes (Look 1) are a great example of this.

'Why do Birkenstocks exist?' I ask myself occasionally. They completely frazzle me. A few London designers have featured them in their collections this season. They are still ugly, albeit I've excused all designers because the collections are so good. Jonathan's another one of the excused.

Jonathan cannot be stopped on his rise to fashion superstardom. His collections get better by the season and are always interpreting the same colours in a countless number of ways.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

• Kilian Kerner • S/S14 •

Friday the 13th. 12:30. The Waldorf Hilton Hotel London. The Kilian Kerner show during London Fashion Week. The hotel during the day is beautiful. Not even a stones throw away from the main happenings of Somerset House, the hotel was in Aldwych.

Kerner was born in Cologne, Germany. He has two lines, Kilian Kerner and a diffusion line Kilian Kerner Senses (at House of Fraser). When your fans include Karolina Kurkova and Sui He, you're cool.

For Spring 2014 Kilian created a red carpet collection and the pictures do not lie. Every piece was as red carpet worthy as the next. A favourite of mine was the strapless navy silk ankle length tank dress. So simple, elegant and lasting.
The finale gown was the main attraction among viewers. Flashes beamed every second, the model stood proud and not quivering. The gold top and tulle white ball gown skirt is definitely on my red carpet wishlist.

While us guests sipped on champagne and orange juice, fresh handmade ice-cream was being served in miniature tubs. Mr. Kerner really knows how to put on hell of a show.
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• Yeashin • S/S14 •

Yeashin Kim is a South Korean born fashion designer who graduated the London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. For London Fashion Week this season she held her show at the Freemason's Hall as a part of Fashion Scout. 

Her inspiration is a mixture of 60's English girl (think Penelope Tree and Twiggy), mixed in with some Korean girl traditionalism. The impeccable detail and textures in Yeashin's clothing is very fine, very precise. There isn't anything I could fault.

The idea is one that hasn't been used before to my knowledge. The opener was a flirty fun colourful dress. Pastels were Yeashin's colour choice this season. They faired like they always do, very well.

 I was really impressed with the collection as I've only seen one or two looks from previous collections. I'm hoping Yeashin Kim is Somerset House bound. She needs a bigger platform to present her wares to.  

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• Fyodor Golan • S/S14 • 'Electric Children' •

Airy really is the word to describe London Fashion Week this season. And rainy... And edgy... Upcoming labels are always great to see blossom. Fyodor Golan is a label to be watched. Design duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman and stars on the rise. Glittering stars.

For Spring 2014 they followed in suit with bright neons in hues of yellow, pink and blue. The opening look was a metallic yellow bomber jacket, trousers and a bra top. Metallic yellow was followed by white and blues showed up. 

The collection was entitled 'Electric Children' based on the duos daily commute to work where they always see motorcyclists. The inspiration was evident in the invitation with an eclectically printed biker helmet with the label Fyodor Golan on the forehead.

Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore and singer Dionne Bromfield sat front row at the show. Laura was decked out in an £800 red look by FG. Speaking of FG the cool black sweaters with a huge FG on the them was paired with a colourful feathery mini skirt. 

Sports-luxe and airy. The two words to describe this and various other shows. I adored every piece and look forward to seeing the show next season.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

• Eudon Choi • S/S14 •

Eudon Choi first showed on schedule at fashion week for Fall 2012 last year. The South Korean designer trained first as a menswear designer in Seoul before moving to the Royal College of Art in London to study MA in womenswear. 

For Spring 2014 Eudon was inspired by the flora of Asia. He balances the masculine/feminine style with finesse. These season he focused more on the femininity of things. A white sleeveless asymmetric round neck dress took to the runway first paired with black and white ankle strap flatforms. 

Look 5 was one of my many favourites of this collection. A summery floral printed knee length coat in the gentle hues of pale pink and blue. Under hat was a navy sweater and a white skirt. Ankle strap wedges finished off the look. 
The models rocked rosy cheeks and other than that barely there make-up. For hair there was a wet look with the hair nicely sitting behind the ears so full attention was given to the looks being presented. 

Orientalism is a trend that has been revived since Spring 2013 most notably Prada. Each season it's returned and been interpreted in different ways. This year it's Kyudo. I can see this popping up at Paris Fashion Week among lesser known names and also established houses.

Up and coming designers are all the rage right now (thankfully). All most all new designers are bringing something individual and unique to the frontline. Eudon Choi is a designer that does both of those things to perfection.
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• Felder Felder • S/S14 • 'Into the Blue' •

'Into the Blue' it was dubbed. Felder Felder was one of the first shows to kick off a rainy London Fashion Week. Dionne Bromfield, Laura Whitmore, Amber Le Bon and Donna Air were all front row to watch the under the sea inspired Spring 2014 collection from German twins Daniela and Annette.

Airy is so far the trend that's ruled the first day of LFW. Whether it was the sheer embellished blouse and sheer trouser opener or the flowing black gown closer, it all averaged to airy. 

Navy and bright blue ruled the runway along with white and black. These colours came in the form of mini dresses, jumpsuits, blouses and trousers. I love the label personally and really enjoyed the show.

Getting to see the clothes up close and personal in the designer showrooms at Somerset House puts things into perspective. Those supposed side cutouts on the mini dress. Mesh layer. Flouncy layered dress. Organza tiers.

Inviting colours with that edge the label's known for, Felder Felder won't be forgotten.

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